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Liver Spots & Age Spots Here’s a bright solution to too much sun time.

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Sun Damage & Age Spots

As much as we love the warmth of the sun, prolonged exposure causes the majority of the damaging wrinkles and age spots on our faces.

At Sona MedSpa, we can help fight the effects of sun damage by treating it below the surface of the skin. Our technology diminishes the appearance of these persistent imperfections.

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Sona MedSpa offers a complimentary consultation to allow you the opportunity to tour our facility, meet with a consultant and determine a customized treatment plan that fits all your needs.

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What are signs of sun damage?

Sun damage comes in many forms. Sona's laser skin correction technology reduces the appearance of all of these types of sun damage and skin discoloration.

Age Spots
  • 01 / Sun Damage

    Excessive exposure to the sun can negatively affect the skin in many ways. Sun damage causes an uneven increase in the production of melanin, which leads to the irregular coloring or pigmentation of the skin. It can also cause the permanent dilation of small blood vessels, resulting in redness in the face.
  • 02 / Age Spots

    Age spots are the result of exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, and range in color from light brown to red or black. As we age, it becomes more difficult for our skin to recover from sun exposure, and age spots are very common for people over 40.
  • 03 / Freckles

    Freckles can appear at any age. Like age spots, they are triggered by the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, which leads to the increased production of melanin, the pigment that gives skin its color. Freckles commonly appear on the face, back, shoulders and arms, the areas of the body most often exposed to sunlight.
  • 04 / Melasma

    Melasma is a tan or dark skin discoloration that primarily affects women. Although the signs of melasma are similar to age spots or freckling, this is an entirely different skin condition. The body produces an overabundance of melanin, or pigments, when the skin is directly exposed to sunlight, and this leads to spots and discoloration.


AFT gives our professionals the ability to use multiple hand pieces with varying wavelengths to provide a gentle yet precise treatment customized to your specific pigmentation and coloration concerns. In contrast, conventional Intense Pulse Light (IPL) lasers use shorter light wavelengths, making them more diffuse and less powerful, and requiring a higher number of treatment sessions to achieve successful results.

AFT vs. Bleaching Creams

Bleaching creams may temporarily reduce the effects of sun damage and the appearance of age spots, but they are painful to the skin and require constant applications over long periods of time. With AFT, Sona uses multiple hand pieces to provide gentle yet precise treatment for the highly targeted areas where discoloration occurs, with long-lasting results.

How do we treat sun damage?

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Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT) is the next generation of Intense Pulse Light (IPL) technology for sun damage treatment, and it’s here at Sona MedSpa. With the Harmony laser system, our treatment providers utilize multiple AFT hand pieces with varying wavelengths to customize a treatment program and focus on your specific pigmentation and coloration concerns.

Harmony AFT technology gives Sona’s trained medical staff the ability to personalize each treatment. The AFT hand piece is gentle yet precise enough to pass over areas of heavier pigment multiple times if necessary to achieve the best results. It takes experience and sound judgment to deliver this level of treatment, and our providers are highly qualified to address each client’s unique concerns.

How does it compare to other lasers?


Conventional IPL lasers use shorter light wavelengths than the AFT, making them more diffuse and less powerful, and requiring a higher number of treatment sessions to achieve successful results

What to expect on the day of your treatment.

Sona works with you at every stage of your treatment to ensure your experience is as pleasant and comfortable as it can be. Here are some of the things you should know about your schedule on your treatment day.

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  • Arrive at the center for your appointment and check in.
  • A nurse will escort you to the treatment room.
  • While you wear protective eyewear, the nurse will treat the designated area with the AFT hand piece.
  • After the treatment is completed, post-laser ointment will be applied and the nurse will review post-treatment instructions with you.
  • Check out and schedule your next appointment.
  • You may experience a feeling of warmth for a few hours after treatment.
  • The pigment that has been pulled to the surface of the skin will appear like dark or prominent freckling, which will slowly flake off as the skin heals over the next one to two weeks.

What to expect: Physical and social down time.

Physical down time is typically associated with surgery, where you have to rest after a procedure and you can’t go about your daily life until a period of healing has occurred. A big advantage of the AFT procedure is there is no physical down time.

Social down time refers to the recovery time you need to feel more comfortable with your appearance, although you aren’t physically restricted from doing any of your typical daily tasks.

Treatment Packages

Three to five treatments per package, depending on the level of treatment needed or desired.

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